Stronger Lighter Faster 

Awaken Your Full Potential

Lock in your best.

Modular Calisthenics Equipment.

One system multiple configurations.

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Plug and Twist

Assembly is quick as a twist.

Small homes and tight spaces are no problem for the MuX.

Your connectors are the base

Rubber mounts can be attached on the Mu4 connector so that it facilitates  the structure as a firm base unit.

Our mission is to create multiple functions and purposes on a single part.

Fold and Hide

Once you are done with your workout, you can twist, unplug and hide away under the bed or next to the couch.

Mu Connector System?

Our patent pending bar system.  Our goal was to design a LEGO like pipe system, so that various arrangements could be achieved with a set number of pipes.

Industrial grade connectors for the best.

To ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards, we have chosen to use high strength composite material.

Slow assembly is a topic of the past.

With our connector system you can lock and unlock a bar is position within seconds.

No nuts, no bolts, no screws..

Current day systems use a tedious methods to assemble basic structures.




Full body workout from the comfort of your living room
You Don’t Need A Fancy Home Gym When You Have The MuX.

Indoors or Outdoors

A system that’s built for the Extreme.

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The Sleeve Bag

Stylish and functional

3-way zip system allows for quick access to your bars.

Your workout station
in a single bag


Fitness App

An App For All Levels

Beginner, intermediate, expert we’ve got you covered. If you are just starting out with calisthenics; our workout plan with cater towards your needs to eventually transform you into a calisthenics beast.

Choose Your Style
  • Strength Training
  • Muscle group Training
  • Flexibility Training

Package Contents


9 pieces (1 meter)

2 pieces – (1.2 Meter)



1 piece


Mu Connector

8 pieces 

Mu Surface Grabber

4 pieces


Setsurge App

1 Unlimited Subscription

iOS & Android


9 pieces (1 meter)

Mu Connector

6 pieces 

Mu Surface Grabber

4 pieces



1 Year Subscription

iOS & Android

Also you can costumize in your shopping chart.

SAFETY is our number one priority.

We have tested our products rigorously through simulations and in real life to ensure we are building safe products

Scratch Resistant

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Automotive Grade Aluminum

Forged from persistence, Surged from grit, Set to be resilient

Sustainable production for the PLANET

From the factory to your door. Each step of the way we are keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Learn more about our production method >


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